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Sapphire Beach

Sapphire Beach


Release Date: 1 october 2019

Martha has left everything she knows behind.

Her marriage, in which she experienced domestic violence, is over. As she seeks solace in her new job as a holiday rep, the afflictions of her past still haunt her. Can she find healing and peace in her new life in Crete? With her faith in God, Martha goes on the difficult journey of recovering from her past and finds that with God, all things are possible.

About the Author

Maressa Mortimer

Maressa Mortimer

Maressa grew up in the Netherlands, and moved to England soon after finishing her teaching training college. Married to Pastor Richard Mortimer they live in a Cotswold village with their four children. Maressa is a homeschool mum, enjoying the time spent with the family, travelling, reading and turning life into stories. She wants to use her stories to show practical Christian living in a fallen world.




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