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Shaped to Fit

Shaped to Fit

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How God shaped a young woman for an unexpected calling to Brazil and back. The true story of missionary Joan Kearney.

When God shapes our lives to fit his purposes, anything is possible!

Raised in a strict Christian sect, with many religious rules and social requirements, Joan struggled to reconcile the lifestyle she was expected to lead with the example that Jesus set for his disciples. Her desire to follow Christ in all things, including ‘eating with sinners’, soon compelled her to leave behind all that was familiar.

A short term ‘Mission to Miners’ in France stirred a passion within her to become a missionary overseas. Formerly a teacher of severely deaf children, she soon found herself working for Wycliffe Bible Translators in the Amazon forest. Unexpected family joys and deep sorrow were to follow, but through all things God was shaping Joan to be an integral part of his divine masterpiece.

ISBN 9781911086697 (PB)

“Joan takes us carefully…to reveal a love that is incomprehensible to the selfish…but gloriously wonderful to the soul who can recognise their own inadequacies.”

Danny M. Batten BSc FCPFA DMS

Joan Kearney

Joan Kearney


Joan’s childhood in a strict Christian sect formed her into an ill-at-ease, shy, prim-and-proper young woman. Her book describes the adventures and surprises, the struggles and failures, the sadness and the joy that have been transforming her into a very different person. Now in retirement, she looks back over the eighty exciting years so far and shares something of what she has been discovering about life. And about God.

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