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Simon Hoare MP asks Prime Minister whether thalidomide survivors will “finally get … justice”

Simon Hoare MP asks Prime Minister whether thalidomide survivors will “finally get … justice”

Simon Hoare MP asked the Prime Minister whether  she would “augment the work of the foreign office to make the case for UK thalidomide survivors to the Germany government to finally get the justice that they for too long have been denied”.

In Prime Minister’s Questions on 2nd May, 2018, Simon Hoare noted that, “The hopes of the 464 survivors of thalidomide in the United Kingdom, the Thalidomide Trust and the all-party group which I chair were significantly depressed at the weekend seeing media coverage, particularly in the Sunday Times, suggesting that the Germany government is seeking to resile from its verbal pledge to make good the promise to compensate those UK survivors … whose mothers took and were prescribed the German-manufactured drug thalidomide.”

The Sunday Times had reported, “Thalidomide victims ‘betrayed’ as Germany ditches aid pledge,” following Onwards and Upwards’ publication of the revelatory book The Thalidomide Catastrophe by Martin Johnson (former Director of the Thalidomide Trust), Raymond G. Stokes and Tobias Arndt.

In her reply, Prime Minister Theresa May assured that “…the FCO is pursuing their discussions with the German government on this point.”

The Evening Standard reviews The Thalidomide Catastrophe

So stated the Evening Standard in their excellent review of The Thalidomide Catastrophe by Martin Johnson, Raymond G. Stokes and Tobias Arndt. Journalist Geoff Adams-Spink writes: “Piece by piece the authors have put together a grim jigsaw that the family...

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Paul Hammond interviews Martin Johnson on UCB Radio

Martin Johnson, co-author of The Thalidomide Catastrophe, was invited by UCB Radio to speak about his book and the thalidomide survivors' campaign for justice. He was interviewed on Wednesday 23rd March by Paul Hammond on his current affairs show, Talking...

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The Thalidomide Catastrophe

Available formats: Paperback ebook (ePub edition) ebook (Kindle edition) ebook PDF “This momentous book is the first comprehensive history of thalidomide… It demonstrates how many thousands of victims could have been spared very late in the day if Chemie Grunenthal...

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