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Simply Stories of Jesus

Simply Stories of Jesus

Stories from the life of Jesus, brought alive for an adult readership.

Dorothy Wigan brings events from the ministry of Jesus to life in a fresh way, retelling the stories from the perspective of those whose lives were transformed through their encounters with him.

ISBN 978-1-911086-80-2

“As Dorothy helps us enter into these familiar Bible stories, the characters start to come alive and our hearts are stirred afresh as we come into a new understanding of their real thoughts and feelings.”

Marilyn Baker

Singer / Songwriter

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Dorothy Wigan

Dorothy Wigan


Dorothy grew up in Surrey and made a commitment to Jesus Christ at the age of 10. She later trained as a police officer in the early 1960s during which time she married and had a daughter. She then retired in the late 70s and found her true vocation as a swimming teacher, teaching hundreds of people not only to swim, but to overcome their severe phobias of water. Her husband died of MS in 2000.

Dorothy has always wanted to encourage women in their walk with God. Her home has been the base, for many years, for women in leadership to receive prayer and ministry. Her gift of hospitality has extended to conference speakers from all over the world, amongst others, who have stayed there whilst ministering at her church. She married Colin in 2003, and she is still leading women at her church plant in Epsom.




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