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A delightful children's novel exploring faith, family and forgiveness.

When three siblings discover a lone dolphin, they must work together to keep him safe from local fishermen. The children aren’t sure who to trust and Billy the school bully is out to stir up as much trouble as he possibly can.

Skimmer is a heart-warming children’s novel with charming illustrations. 

About the Author

Elaine was born in Southampton in 1964. At three months her family emigrated to New Zealand where her younger sister, Alison was born. From there her family moved to New Guinea. It was here that Elaine herself as a small child of 6 gave her life to Jesus through some missionaries who were staying with them. Once back in the UK, Elaine and her two sisters went to a boarding a school. During her six and a half years there, Elaine’s faith was encouraged and strengthened.

Elaine struggled for many years with her dyslexia and this was a big stumbling block, affecting her confidence.  However, she was very creative and always had a vivid imagination. It is through this gift of creativity that Elaine has been able to express her faith and what God is doing in her life.




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