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Songs in the Night

Songs in the Night

Poetry with a biblical perspective on our journey through life.

Do we place our trust in politics, or princes or philosophers?
Does our future lie in finance or the forecast of astrologers?
Are stocks and shares an anchor, the hope on which we rest?
Will our planning for the future really stand the test?
Is security the world can offer ever safe at all,
As walls of nations tumble and politicians fall?
Do we have a sure foundation that will stand the test of time,
Or will doubts and fears assail us if our fortunes fast decline?
If our life and health are threatened, will everything be lost?
By faith in Christ alone can we know a perfect trust;
Our future guaranteed and eternity secured,
To those investing in our heavenly Father’s treasure store.

Through her poetry, Adele Pilkington helps us to gain heaven’s perspective of our life on earth. Although we walk through the ‘night’ of life’s challenges, Adele offers us ‘songs’ of hope and glimpses of God’s perfect plan behind every moment.

ISBN: 9781907509711 (PB)

Available formats:
ebook (ePub edition)
ebook (Kindle edition)
ebook PDF

Dr Adele Pilkington

Dr Adele Pilkington


Adele came to saving faith in Christ as a young child due to the faithful witness of her Sunday School teacher. She is currently a Consultant Occupational Physician, having worked with public, private and voluntary sector organisations, and Executive Editor of the remote learning MSc programme for Occupational Medicine at Manchester University. She assists two Christian medical charities (Healthlink360 and Interhealth) who support mission and humanitarian aid organisations. She studied theology part time, including researching mental health and Christian identity. She is a voluntary drugs educator for HopeUK, part of the PRIME tutor network, and a member of the Board of Reference for the Scottish Council of Human Bioethics. She attends an independent Baptist church, in the nearby village of Loanhead, where she is involved in the children’s ministry.

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