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Steve and Helen Pollard

Steve and Helen had always believed their first ministry was to raise godly children and that it would be time for them to move into their particular ministry when they became independent. 

In the 1980s God had promised Steve that he would help the broken-hearted become brave-hearted with a particular focus on youth, marriage and church, especially supporting leaders within their ministry and personal lives. Upon sharing this with their associate vicar, he invited them to join him and his wife to establish a multi-generational church in Exeter to support young people who “don’t do church”. After nine months of further training in prophetic ministry in London, Steve and Helen moved to Devon in 2008. The Lord blessed the enterprise and Unlimited Church became a Bishops Mission Order in 2012. Steve and Helen withdrew from being part of the formal leadership in 2015 to make way for younger leaders but continue to play a supportive and mentoring role.

God led Steve and Helen to establish Bespoke Growth in God in 2010. Bespoke style is a unique blend of prayer, professional expertise and personal experience.

Steve and Helen have each suffered and recovered from trauma, and from being on the receiving end of good and not-so-good instances of prayer ministry and counselling, both Christian and secular. This enables them to empathise with clients’ struggles but also to be confident for their progress.

Steve and Helen are passionate about helping people deepen in the love of Father-God and to discover and walk into their unique God-given design and purpose. Where there are obstacles, they facilitate their removal and ongoing walk into fullness of life.

Bespoke Growth in God serves individuals and churches from across the nation. One church leader describes Bespoke as a third level service, helping people who may be beyond the resources of the local church, with a respect for faith that is not possible within the NHS.

Jesus has blessed individuals and churches over the years through the ministry; contains some of their testimonies. Encouraged by their clients Helen published some of her story in Outgrowing the Shackles in 2018 and this book is Steve’s description of the paradigm Jesus has used to bless many.

The Christian life is a marathon, not a sprint. This valuable resource will help you to keep up the pace, avoid obstacles and stay focused on the prize.

By reading this book you will

  • discover a Christian life of discipleship that really works and has an impact on the world around;
  • become aware of, and learn how to overcome, possible weaknesses that could threaten your progress as a believer;
  • find out how to ensure that your relationship with God is one of intimacy and not just religious practices;
  • gain keys to freedom from repeated patterns of sin and character flaws;
  • learn how to become the person God has designed you to be – impacting your relationships, your actions and your sense of purpose

Emotional healing is often a process. God, in His infinite love and wisdom, addresses issues in our hearts in His own timing and not necessarily in the order we might choose. The freedom He brings us is not usually and instantaneous event, but a result of our growth and maturing as we allow Him to gentle touch every area of our lives.

Helen Pollard survived a traumatic childhood through Jesus’ miraculous healing, alongside help from secular therapies and varied prayer ministries. In this book she uses her own story to guide us into principles that we can apply to our own lives – to outgrow the shackles. Helen’s blunt realism is disarming, whilst her profound wisdom and insight into healing and forgiveness are a challenge to every believer.

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