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Mystery Tours With Treasure Tree

Journey with Joel and Zoe as the Treasure Tree teaches them about forgiveness, joy and being part of a team.

This is Me

Books to help younger children to explore their identity and how God created them uniquely.

Riding Out The Hurricane

A children’s creative nonfiction novel based on the events surrounding Hurricane Katrina.


Available formats:Paperbackebook (ePub edition)ebook (Kindle edition)ebook PDF When three siblings discover a lone dolphin, they must work together to keep him safe from local fishermen. The children aren’t sure who to trust and Billy the school bully is out to stir...

Nin and the Wonderic Discovery

Follow Michael on his journey through a world of adventure and fantasy in Heather Wilson’s upcoming Children’s fiction book.

The Shepherd Spy

A collection of 12 nativity plays, for children of all ages and for groups of all sizes.

The Ark and Noah

Available formats: Paperback ebook (ePub edition) ebook (Kindle edition) ebook PDF 10 favourite Bible stories are retold by the animals and objects that witnessed the events! About the Author Rachel Lancashire is a primary school teacher from Wigan. She...

Ben’s Bees

Ben is excited to spend the summer holidays helping Gramps to look after his bees and collect their honey. But when he and his cousin Martha mysteriously turn into bees themselves, they must quickly learn the rules of the hive community. They soon discover that their...

Kingdom Come

There was no peace in the King’s face. “My son, I have grim news. Your cousin is dead.” Gideon tried to speak but no words came. “All he did was to speak the truth. He was killed because he would not stop.” Slow anger began to burn in Gideon. “Why do your subjects not...

JOEL: An Unexpected Hero

Rebecca loves her younger brother Joel, but sometimes she finds it hard to look after him – Joel has Down’s syndrome. One day, when Rebecca and Joel discover a ring of toadstools used by elves, they find themselves transported into a magical world in which Joel is the...

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