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Jack and the Ultimate Dare

Jack and the Ultimate Dare is an adventure novel for children aged 10-12, based on the parable of the Good Samaritan.

Hello, Little Piglet

Available formats:Paperbackebook (ePub edition)ebook (Kindle edition)ebook PDFAre you ready for an adventure?Zac and Zina are going on an exciting road trip to a farm in the countryside.What will they find along the way?Who will they meet? 'Hello, Little Piglet' is a...

How Can They Call it Good?

How Can They Call it Good’ is an Easter themed picture book for children aged 5-7. Discover why Good Friday is so good!

Out of the Shadows

Join Amelia as she learns to grow in confidence with the help of her best friend Lucy and her teacher Miss Barton.

Daniel’s Painting

This beautifully illustrated book for children aged 5-7 teaches the value of encouragement.

Accidental Allan

Allan tries to stay out of trouble – but trouble always seems to find him! A children’s novel exploring family, friendship and courage.

The Greatest Gift

This Christmas, are you ready to unwrap the greatest gift of all?

Deborah and Jael

Evil King Jabin has been in power for 20 years – but who is brave enough to defeat him? Deborah and Jael are two strong women. They are ready to stand up and use their bravery and wisdom to help their people and serve God. In this poetic retelling of the well-known...

Mystery Tours With Treasure Tree

Journey with Joel and Zoe as the Treasure Tree teaches them about forgiveness, joy and being part of a team.

This is Me

Books to help younger children to explore their identity and how God created them uniquely.




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