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The Atlas Legacy

The Atlas Legacy

Archaeologist Seb Lowry uncovers an ancient civilization in this fascinating thriller.

“The problem is Seb Lowry.” Several eyebrows were raised. “Unfortunately, he’s somehow stumbled on to something important…” Lost civilization hunter Seb Lowry, young archaeologist Bethany Fisher, and gap year student Josiah Hope, stumble across a trail from the ancient past. Ranging across Europe in a quest to unravel cryptic clues, they are oppose by a shadowy organisation with its own agenda, rooted in the same ancient history. The race is on to understand the evidence pointing to a lost ancient civilization, and to overturn modern guesswork to uncover the true story of its origins and fall.

ISBN: 9781910197806 (PB) / 9781910197813 (HC)

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Colin Newton

Colin Newton


Colin Newton is in early retirement from a career in computer programming. Originally from Dover, and a graduate of Reading University, he now lives in Southend, Essex and attends a Baptist church. He is active in working for better support of people on the autistic spectrum, since being found to be on it himself some years ago.

His life long interest in history and ancient mysteries is now particularly focused on anything which has a bearing on the accuracy of the Old Testament. His goals in writing are to improve understanding of the historical foundations of our faith, and to encourage believers to stand firm in increasingly difficult times.




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