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The Christian Medical Fellowship reviews ‘A Life Worthwhile’

The Christian Medical Fellowship reviews ‘A Life Worthwhile’

"Here is a moving account of the life of Aaron, profoundly disabled, and permanently damaged from injuries inflicted by his herione-addicted father."

So began a recent article about A Life Worthwhile, a book by Pastor John Mollitt.

The review, written by John Martin, Head of Communications at the Christian Medical Fellowship, appeared in the Spring 2018 edition of the Triple Helix magazine. He writes:

“The author does not mask the complexities and sheer weariness of caring for a profoundly disabled person. But here is testimony to the joy and satisfaction of taking to heart the teaching of Jesus.”

To read the full article, click the button below and browse to page 21.

About ‘A Life Worthwhile’

“This is a beautiful book about the life of Aaron who, against all the odds, lived well. This is a story of a severely disabled man who was loved and cared for by adoptive parents, and who became central to his wider family, a joy to sister and brother, nephews and nieces, and a popular fellow-student and member of the community. It is an honour to have known Aaron and to call John and Pat friends. Aaron’s life challenges us on the conventional understanding of ‘meaning’, ‘happiness’ and ‘success’. His life is a standing rebuke to those who treat life cheaply and seek to define meaning in material terms; and it is a defiant celebration of the fundamental equality of every person no matter their abilities. This book made me cry and it also made me feel real happiness too. You won’t regret reading it.”

Tim Farron MP
Former Party Leader, Liberal Democrats

Aaron’s story is shared in the Daily Mail

Aaron’s story is shared in the Daily Mail

So reported the Daily Mail  on 4th August in its Extraordinary Lives article. The piece about Aaron, written by John and Pam Mollitt, tells how their adopted son with multiple disorders - spastic quadriplegia, epilepsy, severe spinal curvature and visual...




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