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The Greatest Gift

The Greatest Gift

Publisher’s #1 bestseller in November 2020!

This Christmas, are you ready to unwrap the greatest gift of all?

This beautifully illustrated storybook for children aged 5-7 starts by looking at all the decorations and activity surrounding Christmas, and then asks, “What’s about to happen?” The book then looks at what happened 2,000 years ago with the birth of Jesus. The gospel is explained in a way easy for children to understand, and the narrative concludes that, “The baby in the manger is the best gift in the end. He came, he lived, he died, he rose, so I could be God’s friend.”

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About the Author

Anika Lillicrap

Anika Lillicrap


Anika is wife to Matt (a church pastor in Cambridge) and mum to six children (aged between 5 and 11). Pre-parenthood she worked as a doctor and for the past decade or so has been based at home. When not battling laundry mountains she enjoys studying with Biblical Counselling UK, hospitality, running and crochet.

Kezia is an illustrator and designer based in Yorkshire. She graduated from Cambridge School of Art in 2019. You can view more of her work on her website at

Kezia Hulse

Kezia Hulse


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Endorsements and Reviews

Lucy Rycroft, The Hope-Filled Family

Author Anika Lillicrap (mum of 6) writes the most beautiful poem which not only rhymes and scans (oh, the joy!) but uniquely tells the story of Christmas using the line “What’s about to happen?” to start each verse. The book begins in a relatable way for young children, with the kind of Christmas celebrations of which we’re familiar, before whizzing back to the birth of Jesus, fast-forwarding on to what he came to do, and finally returning to us in the 21st century, reminding us that we have a response to make. Lovely illustrations too by Kezia Hulse … an all-round charmer of a book! 

Lucy Rycroft
Author, Blogger for the Hope-Filled Family

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