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The Guardian Reports on Punk-Turned-Vicar

The Guardian Reports on Punk-Turned-Vicar

David O’Brien started his life as a punk rocker and football hooligan, living in a council house in Greater Manchester.

“…in my wildest dreams I could never have imagined that God existed and secondly, if He did, that He could and would touch my life in the here and now, in the modern world; a lad who had never been to church, didn’t realise God was real, and was oblivious to religion.”

David O'Brien

O’Brien seemed an unlikely candidate for church leadership, but God was gently guiding his life. After a negative spiritual experience followed by demonic oppression, O’Brien began to seek the truth about God through ready a New Testament that had sat unused on his shelf. Soon he found his whole life transformed – and an unexpected calling to full-time ministry.

O’Brien’s story is told in his book Northern Soul, available through our online store. The Guardian picked up on the story and ran a feature on 6 former punk rockers whose lives have changed over the decades that have passed.

Northern Soul_3D

“This is a book that shows how God can turn lives around. If God can reach the Davids of this world, He can reach anyone. An inspirational story and a compelling read, this is ideal for encouraging Christians, spiritual seekers and those who have never heard the Gospel.”

– Mark Rylands, Bishop of Shrewsbury




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