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The Language of…

The Language of…

Available formats:

The Language of Love,

Forgiveness, Faith, Prayer and Healing

Teaching on a variety of topics relevant for the church in this generation.

· What is genuine love?
· Why does the church seem to lack God’s power?
· Should we really expect God to answer all our prayers?
· Why are some people not healed?
· How do our words and actions towards others affect our personal wellbeing?

Tackling these and other difficult questions, the author invites us to join him on a journey of discovery into God’s purposes for this generation. Opening up his heart, he shares broadly from his experiences, knowledge of the Bible and wisdom that he has gathered over the years. In doing so, the author and reader together explore the POWER OF LANGUAGE – how our words affect the wellbeing and destinies both of ourselves and of those around us.

Available formats:

The Language of Knowing

Our Heavenly Father’s Heart and Will

Teaching about how to step into a deeper relationship with the Father.

· Why are so many people leaving the church?
· Why are we largely bereft of God’s power?
· If God is speaking, why are we not hearing?
· Is the Church in harmony with what the Bible teaches about it?
· Do we need revival?

Addressing these and other pertinent questions head on, the author unpacks what the scriptures have to say about knowing our heavenly Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit on a relational level. Common misconceptions and unhelpful teachings are highlighted, and there is a call to return to a walk of holiness in which God is truly honoured as Lord and Saviour.

There is coming a fresh wave of God’s power and we are right now at the very brink, the start of this revival that will outstretch any other revival. It will be worldwide and based upon the word of God, dedication to prayer, the power of the Holy Spirit and love reaching into local communities. Leon Gosiewski


Leon Gosiewski

Leon Gosiewski


The founder of Chasing Your Dreams and Renewed Life Healing community ministries is Leon Gosiewski who has spent over thirty years in sport and fitness education. Having witnessed the healing touch of God and then lived many unfruitful years in the ‘wilderness’, Leon has sought answers to a number of faith questions. Chasing Your Dreams Ministries will not shirk or hide from hard, scrutinising questions, not least of which is “How can negativity be replaced with positivity in our lives?”, “What has happened to everyday healing miracles?”, “Where has the power gone to attain our dreams?”

Through faith in God combined with caring and compassionate healing, coaching and teaching, Chasing Your Dreams Ministries will help to remove blocks that prevent you from achieving your needs and unlock your potential, bringing a fresh look at God and His promises.

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