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The Lost Journey Homeward

The Lost Journey Homeward

A tale of prodigal children, their journeys across continents, and a faithful “father” who longs for the family to be reunited.

“The past three years seemed hollow and heartless, a reckless waste of her time and talents. She closed her mind to the image of home where life had been simple and love had existed, knowing she had lost the key to it. She could never go back.”

“He was driving too fast, to put miles between him and all he loved, to get so far that he could not change his mind and they could not follow. The torrents of rainwater would wash out his tracks and, if he was lucky, eliminate all traces of his past.”

A brother and sister – living in different countries – find their lives spiralling out of control. They are looking for love but finding disaster. Their journeys are different but will they find the one who is waiting for them?

ISBN: 9781910197578 (PB) / 9781910197585 (HC)

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Eve Bonham

Eve Bonham


Eve Bonham is an author of three books. “Madness Lies and Other Stories,” a collection of sixteen short stories, was published in 2008. Her first novel “To the End of the Day,” came out in 2011, with a Polish edition in 2012 and a Kindle edition in 2013; it relates the dramatic events of a day in the lives of two female friends.

Eve studied English and Irish Literature at Dublin University. She was an English teacher in Bangkok, a fine art auctioneer in London (at the family firm, Bonhams), a picture framer in Wiltshire, a jewellery wholesaler and knitwear retailer in Bath, and has been a lecturer and a journalist. She has sailed extensively, competing in sailing races across the Atlantic and Round the World, and travelled alone overland in remoter parts of Asia, India and South America. She married, lived in a Breton village in France for fourteen years, brought up two children and moved back to England ten years ago. In 2006 she became a Christian, which profoundly changed her life. Three years ago she decided to tackle writing a story about love and loss with an underlying Christian perspective. “The Lost Journey Homeward” is that book.

She now lives in rural Dorset with her husband, Michael, writes for several hours a day, works part time for a property company, assists with community projects, and involves herself in village life. She reads good books, listens to radio, paints watercolours and plants trees. She is currently writing flash fiction (short stories of under 500 words) and doing research for her next book ñ a novel to be set in Dorset.




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