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The Pale-Faced Girl

The Pale-Faced Girl
The Pale-Faced Girl Book Cover

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A fantasy novel for younger teenagers about the spiritual war being fought around us, the dangers of the occult and the power of the Cross.

“There’s so much darkness over this town.”

The pale-faced girl turned to Jack with sorrowful eyes.

“Can you see it?”

Small patches of darkness had emerged across the town, ugly and menacing. Jack shuddered. His eye fell upon a low oblong building towards the west of town. It was obscured by a patch which seemed larger, darker and more sinister than the rest, and threatened to consume the entire building. Jack realized with a shock what he was looking at.

“That’s my school!”

Soon Jack finds himself on a quest to uncover the Dark forces that threaten to bring danger to his school. What are the secrets being shared in hushed whispers? What Darkness is hidden in the library? And how is Mrs Grimshaw, the deputy head teacher, involved in it all?

About the Author

Cath Hensby Worboys

Cath Hensby Worboys

Cath Hensby Worboys grew up in Dorset and now lives in rural north Hampshire with her husband and their two teenaged sons. Cath studied English at Royal Holloway University of London, after which she trained as an Occupational Therapist at Brunel University.  She has worked for over twenty years in mental health services.

In addition to reading and writing, Cath enjoys spending time with her family and friends, country walks, travel, music, and theatre. She is a member of an active local church, where she has enjoyed volunteering in a variety of roles over the years, from children’s and youth work, to prayer ministry, mission, and pastoral care.

Cath came to faith as a child through reading Christian fiction (Patricia M. St John’s Treasures of the Snow).  She is passionate about the power of literature in our lives, and hopes that her writing will inspire and encourage others in their own faith journeys.




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