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The Shepherd Spy

The Shepherd Spy

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A collection of 12 nativity plays, for children of all ages and for groups of all sizes.

Each play presents a different slant on the Christmas story, with the author’s licence as to some of the surrounding details. We look at the nativity through different eyes – those of mice, a young spy of Herod’s, the national news channel, the stars and others. Every play has been tried and tested and can be performed in a small church building with a small stage and no curtains or spotlights.

Most children today have only a very limited knowledge of what Christmas if really about. By actually taking part in a nativity play, the story can become a central part of the children’s memories of Christmas.

“…a fresh resource that will enrich Christmas celebrations for years to come.”

The Rev. Derek Holbird

Former Director of Education, Guildford Diocese

About the Author

Angie McEvansoneya

Angie McEvansoneya

Children's minister

Angie McEvansoneya is married with four grown-up children and two grandsons. She and her husband, Geoff, worked in mission (WEC International) for thirty-five years, sending evangelistic papers in Easy English overseas. For ten years she edited the paper and also produced their prayer literature.

Alongside this, Angie has been responsible for children’s ministry in her local church, including holiday clubs and Weekly Club. She has also been involved in some of WEC International’s ministry to children. She has been teaching children the Bible since she first came to know the Lord Jesus forty-eight years ago.

Angie’s passion in ministry is to see children and their families coming to Christ and growing in Him.

Author Events


The Shepherd Spy goes global!

The Shepherd Spy goes global!

This Christmas in the city of Sliven in Bulgaria, children in the Baptist Church will be performing a play from The Shepherd Spy by Angie McEvansoneya.

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Endorsements and Reviews

Rev. Dave Gidney

This is a great book in a difficult field. There are so many different needs in a nativity play. It needs to have a strong truth, a sense of awe, and be used for a cast of entire classes or just a few half-willing children. It needs to work on a school stage and in a cramped space. Angie has managed to cover all those bases; there really is something in here for everyone. A great and very useful resource. How could it be improved? I wish I had had it earlier.

Rev. Dave Gidney
Director of Children Worldwide;
Lecturer in Children’s Ministry and Biblical Studies;
Former Children’s Minister for a large church

The Rev. Derek Holbird

This book is a gift for all who want to help children understand and ‘get inside’ the story of the Nativity. Children will love such a rich array of characters and approaches. Angie knows ‘what works’ for children so well and she has given us in these imaginative Christ-centred plays a fresh resource that will enrich Christmas celebrations for years to come.

The Rev. Derek Holbird
Former Director of Education, Guildford Diocese

“…there really is something in here for everyone.”

Rev. Dave Gidney

Director of Children Worldwide




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