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The Wings of Reborn Eagles

The Wings of Reborn Eagles

The Wings of Reborn Eagles - John Hulme The Wings of Reborn Eagles John Hulme £2.99 – £14.99In Stock More poems and poetic writings of revelation and relationship by John Hulme.

“I am still trying to grasp the full power of God’s love. Yet even as all my limitations lie withered and bleeding in its light, He continues to pull me forward.

This is the love that takes the most broken of spirits and rebuilds them, so that they can turn to other lost souls and say, ‘Yes, I understand how painful this is, the place you are in right now. I understand the despair you feel. I was there too.’

This is the love that gives me words…”

– Author –

Once again, Christian poet John Hulme shares with rare intimacy and openness his daily walk with Jesus. His inspirational journey demonstrates how God has perfectly designed each one of us for an individual purpose – to know Him uniquely, to represent him creatively, and to experience him relationally.

ISBN: 9781910197448 (PB) / 9781910197455 (HC)

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John Hulme

John Hulme


John Hulme has always been a writer. Having felt spiritually driven throughout his life, he discovered the truth of his relationship with God after the death of his mother; when the core of his life collapsed, the love of Christ flooded in.




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