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The Yorkshire Times speaks to Peter Williams

The Yorkshire Times speaks to Peter Williams

From Fake to Fact

The Yorkshire Times has published an article entitled Flushing Away the Lies in which they take a look at Peter Williams’ new book, Why Am I So Crap?

The article explains how “the world is constantly telling us that we aren’t good enough” through advertising, social media, friends and even success stories in the church.

“Peter Williams helps you explore what it is that makes you feel less than you should be, and how you can combat those feelings.”

According to the Yorkshire Times, Peter does not shy away from his Christian beliefs in this book, showing, in his words, “how security in your spiritual understanding, can help give you confidence to live as God intended you to”.

Peter says:

“If you have times in life when you question your ability to succeed, or even at times the possibility of surviving the next week, then this book is for you”.

The world is constantly telling us that we aren’t good enough.

The Yorkshire Times

About the Book

The world constantly tells us we aren’t good enough. Everywhere we look we are bombarded with other people’s holidays, new cars and well-behaved children. Comparison makes us feel like everyone else is successful and happy, whilst we’re failing.

When we intentionally change our thinking, we can find freedom from self-doubt and insecurity. In this interactive book, Peter Williams uses anecdotes, scriptures and key questions to help us examine our hearts and discover our identities as children of God.




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