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This is the Church That God Built

This is the Church That God Built

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The history of Crossway church.

Crossway church has served the community of the Elephant and Castle for over a century and from three different buildings. Today it is home to ten congregations, three day centres, and numerous community groups. This book traces some of the church’s history against the wider context of urban ministry and the changing sociopolitical milieu of the region. It includes accounts from some of those who attended Crossway in the past, as well as other fascinating stories such as connections to royalty, a delay-action bomb that exploded near the church and a local love story.

“Crossway has remained an ever-present expression of Christian Hope…”

David Salsbury

URC Minister in Dyseth

About the Author

Peter Stevenson

Peter Stevenson

Special Category Minister

Peter Stevenson was ordained in 2000, moving to London in 2009 as a Special Category Minister within the United Reformed Church, and was encouraged to build a new church, a congregation and a community in the Elephant and Castle area. He is married with two children.

Peter was educated in Cambridge and Princeton USA and holds both a Bachelor of Theology and a Doctor of Ministry. He regularly broadcasts on BBC Radio London.

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Revd David Salsbury, URC Minister in Dyseth
The story of any church cannot be told in isolation from the community in which it is set, and Crossway is no exception here. Through the commitment and faith of many, the book bears witness to the ways in which the church was founded as a response to The Bitter Cry report of 1883. Throughout the 20th Century and into the 21st, the church has gone on serving the Elephant and Castle community in the aftermath of two world wars and in the present day meeting the challenges of an constantly changing multi-ethnic capital city. It is clear that Crossway has remained an ever-present expression of Christian Hope that goes far beyond the walls of the three buildings that it has called home.

I have no doubt that God is already at work in writing the next chapter in the story of his church called Crossway URC, and if past history is anything to go by, it won’t be the last!

David Salsbury
URC Minister in Dyseth;
Training Officer for North Wales; and
Director of Stepwise, the URC lay training programme

Revd Dr Alan Argent, Minister of Brixton Congregation Church
Peter Stevenson has written a serious history in his characteristically bright and breezy style. He is not afraid to cover the earlier history of his church but includes here conversation with present and former members. This is a welcome addition to the history of south London. His church has played and continues to play a significant role in the life of the community.

Revd Dr Alan Argent
Minister of Brixton Congregation Church,
editor of the Congregational History Society Magazine and
Research Fellow at Dr William’s Library, London

“This is a welcome addition to the history of south London.”

Revd Dr Alan Argent

Minister of Brixton Congregation Church




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