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Times of Refreshing Autumn Devotional

Times of Refreshing Autumn Devotional


Release Date: 1 MAY 2020

A daily devotional for the autumn months.

 What is depleting your energy? What is distracting your attention from Jesus? What is weighing down your heart?

Times of Refreshing is a devotional offering daily encouragement and inspiration to go deeper in your quiet time with the Lord.

Dig into scripture this autumn as Ruth Gregg uses biblical truths and personal stories to reflect on what the autumnal months can teach us. From September to November, journey with Ruth as she challenges us to discover the changes we can make that bring new life and energy in our walk with Jesus.

…a devotional that can allow us to pause, rest for a while, have a spiritual snack and re-charge our batteries.

Rev. Mark McConnell

Rector, Ballymena Parish Church

About the Author

Ruth has been involved in ministry for the past 30 years. She holds a B.D. from Queens University, a Doctorate in Biblical Studies from CLU, has released various print publications, and currently resides in County Antrim, Northern Ireland. She is director of Impact Unlimited Bible College and CTTW, a 24/7 global prayer initiative. Her passion is to inspire others through writing in a way that is insightful, meaningful and relevant. In this book she taps into her experiences as a pastor, teacher, wife, and mother of two to relate poignant stories from real-life experiences.

Endorsements and Reviews

Rev. Daniel Kane, West Presbyterian Church, Ballymena

Times of Refreshing does what it says on the tin – it is full to over-flowing with spiritual refreshment. At a time when spiritual attentiveness and soul care can be such easily neglected spiritual disciplines, due to the busy demands made on our lives by so many other things, this spiritually anointed and biblically literate gem of Ruth’s is pure gold. It is a collection of inspiring and deeply personal devotionals which come out of a heart which has been captivated by the Father’s amazing love and longs for deep personal and national revival – you will certainly meet the Saviour in its pages.

Rev. Daniel Kane
West Presbyterian Church, Ballymena

Rev. Mark McConnell, Rector, Ballymena Parish Church

There are often times in the normal day-to-day hectic schedule of ministry life that you run out of steam and need to have a pit-stop. Sadly, I am on first name terms with a lot of the deli-counter staff and hot food staff all over Ballymena! This also can be said of our walk with God; we can run out of steam and need a pit-stop. In Times of Refreshing, Ruth has provided the perfect spiritual pick-me-up – a devotional that can allow us to pause, rest for a while, have a spiritual snack and re-charge our batteries. Better than any meal deal, Times of Refreshing will help us run our race and fight our battles. In fact, why don’t you get your copy and keep it where you work and make it part of your daily pit-stop routine? Ruth, thank you for this gift. My prayer, like yours, is that many will find essential daily spiritual refreshing as they use Times of Refreshing.

Rev. Mark McConnell
Rector, Ballymena Parish Church

Pastor Roy Stewart, Pastor, Celebration House, Ballymena

There is nothing quite as good for any of us as to spend the first part of the day meditating on the Word of God.  As I have read through this beautiful devotional that Ruth has written, I know that many lives will be refreshed and encouraged. Ruth has brought fresh revelation on the Scriptures and nuggets of truth that you can ponder on throughout the day. I highly recommend this book as a tool for anyone who hungers for more of GOD.

Pastor Roy Stewart
Pastor, Celebration House, Ballymena

…you will certainly meet the Saviour in its pages.


Rev. Daniel Kane
West Presbyterian Church, Ballymena

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