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Torch turns children’s novel into Braille

Torch turns children’s novel into Braille

Torch has recently converted bestselling children's book, Lisa The Moaner, into braille and various large print editions.

Lisa The Moaner by Stephen Hilliam is a  Mary Poppins style adventure, which teaches the value of contentment.

Media available on request from Torch (call 01858-438260).

Available Media:

Braille: 8972

Large Print 17pt: 8972

Large Print 20pt: 8972

Large Print 25pt: 8972 

Large Print 30pt: 8972

Price: £6.99

Torch produces Christian reading in braille, giant print, audio and electronic media. It also produces six magazines, produces Bibles, hymn books, scripture text calenders, books and booklets and operates a large free postal library of Christian books in accessible media.

More can be found here.

Stephen Hilliam

Stephen Hilliam

About the Book

Nothing is ever good enough for Lisa. She moans about everything from morning until night. But when her strict yet mischievious Aunt Gladys appears with her mysterious flying dustbin, Lisa’s world is about to be turned topsy-turvy.

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