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Treasures from a Deep Mine

Treasures from a Deep Mine

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Readings for Lent and Daily Life

This book is a collection of 40 talks by Alison Daunton-Fear, a gifted preacher whose ministry spanned a large part of the twentieth century, including during the years of the Second World War. As the Church of England did not allow women to be ordained at that time, she mainly preached to women’s groups, especially the Mothers’ Union, but her powerful sermons speak to us all today. Her work complemented that of her ordained husband Richard, who eventually became an Archdeacon in Australia.

Alison’s talks reflect her radiant Christian faith and beauty of spirit, her extensive knowledge of the Bible, and her deep love and understanding of the needs of humanity. They are concise but packed with spiritual truth with practical application that both challenges and encourages.

Presented as daily readings, each with a scripture to meditate on, this book can be used as a daily devotional (for example, during the 40 days of lent), as a resource for small group studies or as a treasury of teaching material for church leaders.

The nuggets of truth and wisdom Alison brings in here are biblically sound and practically relevant.
Rev. Dr. V. J. Samkutty

Academic Vice-Principal, All Nations Christian College, Ware


December 2020
16 Dec, 11:40am.

Interview by Paul Hammond on UCB Radio.


Rev. Dr. V. J. Samkutty
In this treasury of devotional thoughts, Alison Daunton-Fear inspires the readers to live a kingdom-minded and Christ-centred life. Her desire to encourage people to grow in intimacy and communion with God, lead a life totally dependent on God and seek the power of the Holy Spirit in their daily life, shines through the pages of this book. The nuggets of truth and wisdom Alison brings in here are biblically sound and practically relevant. These also seem to echo the cry of a heart that fully trusts in God in the selfless service of Christ and sincere love for others.

Rev. Dr. V. J. Samkutty
Academic Vice-Principal
All Nations Christian College

Nikki Sweatman, Mothers’ Union
Alison Daunton-Fear was a devout Christian and a staunch member of the Mothers’ Union. Her writings offer wisdom and understanding of the teaching of the Bible. In her talk ‘Treasure in Heaven’ she speaks of keeping treasures and clinging to them saying, ‘I wouldn’t lose them for the world.’ These writings are Alison’s treasure and can now be shared with us. Although they are writings for her time and Mothers’ Union has moved on, our organization still holds Alison’s implicit belief that prayer and the nurture of children and family life are vital to society. Enjoy reading them, and possibly using them in your own talks.

Nikki Sweatman
Mothers’ Union Provincial President & Worldwide Trustee
Canterbury Province

Michael Collie, SparkLit
The virtuous woman of Proverbs 31 it seems has put pen to paper. The fruit of her hands makes rewarding reading. She is economical with words but generous with her knowledge. In every circumstance and opportunity she brings comfort and encouragement. She is wise and winsome but above all compassionate. She fears no man but only her Lord. Alison’s children honour her with this collection so that we also might surrender to Jesus and be free.

Michael Collie
National Director

Helmut Wilhelm, Prädikant
I met my friend Andrew’s mother in Worthing in 1997. It was a pleasure to talk with the kind and wise old lady. Later, reading her talks I enjoyed the clear and poetic language and I was moved by the contents of these texts. From John’s First Epistle we know: God is love. I think Alison Daunton-Fear’s thoughts are interpretations of these words. Even the talks given during the war are full of love for the suffering people. There is no hatred of the enemies. What a genuine Christian tone! The readers of this book will become infected by this spirit.

Helmut Wilhelm
Evangelishe Kirchengemeinde Lichtenberg

…economical with words but generous with … knowledge.
Michael Collie

National Director, SparkLit

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