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Two Minus One Equals One

Two Minus One Equals One

Teaching on coping with bereavement.

“Death has its own diary. Sometimes it sends its visitor’s card in advance; at other times it turns up unexpectedly and unannounced. Death’s visits often seem random, meaningless and, in the minds of many, unjust. Invariably, however, those left behind find themselves grappling with a miscellany of emotions and thoughts which have to be worked through.”

In this book Geoff Treasure offers hope, comfort and advice to those who are grieving the loss of a loved one, with sensitivity and understanding. Himself a widower, Geoff relates the emotions, questions and challenges common to those who are suffering with grief. Using the biblical story of Lazarus as a reference and his own experiences as examples, Geoff provides practical help and warm encouragement whilst recognising the very personal nature of suffering.

ISBN: 9781907509469 (PB)

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Geoff Treasure

Geoff Treasure


Geoff Treasure studied Theology at Durham University and then spent the next thirty one years in education. For the final eleven of these he was Headteacher of a Church of England Comprehensive School in North London After taking early retirement Geoff was ordained in the Anglican Church.He spent a short time as administrator of his local church before joining the Church Pastoral Aid Society as their Consultant in the South West, returning to the West Country where had had been born. For three years he was Vicar of three churches on the Somerset Levels.

He was married to Lis with whom he had three children. He is now actively involved in church life, enjoys photography, music, gardening and spectator sport and spending time with his children and grandchildren.




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