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Unquiet Energy

Unquiet Energy

Prophetic poetry and artwork by Alex Mowbray.

These are days of wobble:
corporate insecurity,
tremors of uncertainty,
damage limitation and insolvency,
survival of the fattest
and houses built on sand.
God help us.
What makes you think he’s there at all
and listening,
remotely interested in the mess we’re in?
Nature does what nature is;
it’s down to us to sort it out.
What happens if we don’t
or won’t
or can’t,
what then?
Desperate for meaning behind the news at ten
you dare to open wide horizon eyes
and in the isolation of an anguished heart
you contemplate a god,
He is not far from us
in fact.

ISBN: 9781907509674 (PB)

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Alex Mowbray

Alex Mowbray

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