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UP (trilogy)

UP (trilogy)

This fast-paced science fiction thriller by Gary Homewood questions how the world would respond when faced with an undeniable miracle.

A hospital.

A small, unassuming ward.

And a dying man who carries a secret with the potential to change the way we view the world.

Gary Homewood

Gary Homewood


GARY HOMEWOOD is a Minister in the Methodist Church and currently lives and works in Berkshire with his wife and daughter.

Born in Sussex, Gary was educated at the University of Sussex (where he studied English Literature) and later at the Southern Theological Education and Training School in Salisbury, where he studied Christian Ministry and Mission.

Before entering the ministry, Gary worked for many years in the National Health Service. As well as being a life-long devotee of classical music and Manchester United, Gary has always had a passion for creative writing, producing many short stories and poems, and a wide variety of Christian worship resources.

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