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What do these Stones Mean?

What do these Stones Mean?

12 key lessons from the life of Christian leader, Joyce Sibthorpe.

The inspiration for this book comes from the account of how God’s people entered Canaan.

Joshua instructed the people to pick up twelve large stones from the riverbed, and to set them up in the Promised Land as a memorial of God’s miraculous deliverance.

God spoke to Joyce’s heart and asked, “What twelve life-lessons would you identify to be your memorial stones?” These are the incidents that Joyce chose which transformed her life.

ISBN: 9780956103765 (PB)

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Joyce Sibthorpe

Joyce Sibthorpe


Joyce Sibthorpe has been helping people to develop sensitivity to God’s voice for many years. Through seminars at the Faith Camps of Kingdom Faith and Eagle Camp, as well as in many places in Europe and Scandinavia, her teaching has become widely known. This is her first book where these principles are clearly taught. She is married to Charles and they have five grown-up children and a number of grandchildren.

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