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What GOD Believes About YOU

What GOD Believes About YOU

A fresh look at the gospel.

How can a God of love send people to hell who have never heard of his son? The gospel is not only the news that I can receive Jesus into my life, but the good news that I have been included in him.

Peter examines some of scripture’s apparent puzzles, focusing on the meaning of the gospel and how God now sees us in the light of Jesus’ death and resurrection. Carefully examining scriptures about heaven, hell, and God’s kingdom, and dispelling common myths, he shows how the teachings of Jesus reveal the heart of our heavenly Father and his passionate relationship with humanity.

…a plethora of insights and aphorisms which I have enjoyed and by which I have benefitted in my walk with Jesus.


Roger Forster

Leader of Icthus Christian Fellowship

About the Author

Peter Wilks

Peter Wilks


Peter Wilks is a graduate of the London School of Theology and a former Chief Officer of MV Logos, the mission ship run by Operation Mobilisation that sails around the globe taking good books to the nations. Since then Peter has taught with Rev. Rod Anderson at Liberty Bible Training Centre and assisted Rod and Julie Anderson in the formation and ongoing growth of the international prayer ministry known as Prayer for the Nations. More recently he was included as a member of the Bible teaching staff of Christ for the Nations UK and has been involved in pastoral ministry.

Peter also held for a season the position of Global Communications Co-ordinator for Go To The Nations (GTTN). In this capacity he regularly travelled abroad with GTTN and Open Heart teams to support churches in Europe and farther afield, seeking to encourage and raise up the next generation of the church. Peter recently retired from a position on the leadership team of Bognor Regis Baptist Church in the UK. He has a strong desire to see people grow, which regularly engages him in teaching and discipleship. He is married to Felicity and they have a daughter and two sons.


Endorsements and Reviews

Roger Forster, Leader of Icthus Christian Fellowship

Peter Wilks’ valuable hard work embodied in this book. What GOD Believes About YOU contains a plethora of insights and aphorisms which I have enjoyed and by which I have benefitted in my walk with Jesus.

However, this is a book of unusual perspective, to be read with critical care and discrimination, remaining open to alternative conclusions from these well-honed theological nuggets, but never to be dismissed with popular, ill thought-through, traditional reactions. Thank you, Peter, for a good read, challenge and stimulus to worship. 

Roger Forster
Leader of Icthus Christian Fellowship


Brad Jersak, International speaker and writer

“How we see God and how we imagine God sees us dramatically impacts the lives we live. Is our God tonic or toxin to the soul? Peter Wilks graciously offers us a way to see God and ourselves through divine love, rather than dispassionate belief.”

Brad Jersak
International speaker and writer


Revd. Bill Cowie, Retired Senior Pastor, Leith Baptist Church

Peter Wilks challenges us to re-examine an issue which, for many, is fundamental to evangelical theology. Through careful research and applied biblical integrity, he presents an alternative perspective which is personally affirming, theologically enlightening and spiritually inspirational. A most important read for every Christian.

Revd. Bill Cowie
Retired Senior Pastor, Leith Baptist Church


Dr. John L. Mastrogiovanni D.Min, International author and speaker

“What GOD Believes About YOU, like a laser beam, focuses us on the sound of God’s heart pounding for each of us. It reveals to us the ‘now Word’ for our generation and the ‘timeless Word’ of His eternal purpose. Each sentence needs to be pondered, not simply read (even in the appendix sections!) There are times you will ponder a thought and find yourself wanting more. Peter Wilks unveils to us that the Christian life is a life of continual discovery of “…what God believes to be true about yourself and delighting in it.” A wonderful ‘must read’!”

Dr. John L. Mastrogiovanni D.Min.
International author and speaker; Team Leader, Foundation Rock Ministries USA; Founding Pastor, Oasis of the Valley Church



Sandra Duffty, Ministering Prophetically; Together Churches UK & S.A. 

Have you always found it difficult to marry a God of LOVE with what has been taught regarding heaven and hell? Have you wondered how such a God of LOVE can allow men and women to suffer eternally? Then this book by Peter Wilks is for you.

Peter brings a depth of understanding to a God of LOVE, … the character and nature of GOD and … of heaven and hell; reinvigorating your love and passion for God, yourself and humanity, whilst bringing a fully orbed understanding of heaven and hell.

Peter Wilks makes a breadth of theological study accessible, enlarging and refreshing. Understanding and perspectives will be enlarged as you read through the pages of this book; be prepared to see with fresh eyes.

Sandra Duffty

Ministering Prophetically; Together Churches UK & S.A.


Des Figueiredo, Senior Pastor, Balham Community Church, London
I admire Peter’s courage to write about an often-avoided subject in many churches, from a fresh and inspiring perspective. My hope is that this book will find its way into the hands of people who have struggled to know what to believe about God and what to believe about heaven and hell, and as they read it [they] will be confronted by God’s passionate love for them and accept the invitation to live in the fullness of His pleasure in this life and the next.
Des Figueiredo
Senior Pastor, Balham Community Church, London

“…affirming, theologically enlightening and spiritually inspirational.” 

Revd. Bill Cowie

Retired Senior Pastor, Leith Baptist Church

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