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What Happened After Mr Jones Died

What Happened After Mr Jones Died

A humorous novel investigating the relationship between grace, faith and works.

Mr Jones didn’t have a good Christmas. He died.

Not to worry – he’s a Christian, so he’s going to heaven… isn’t he? Mr Gilmore, his guardian angel, thinks so… but Demon Dumas doesn’t.

The matter is referred to a celestial court, where a jury of twelve dead men and women must decide whether there is enough evidence to prove that Mr Jones is a Christian.

What follows is the most astonishing case in the history of the afterlife.

About the Author

Paul Wreyford started to write What Happened After Mr Jones Died ‘a long time ago’ but put it on hold ‘too many times’ to concentrate on his career as a newspaper journalist. He is also the author of many non-fiction books, which reflect his love of Britain, history and literature. Paul now lives with his wife and two children on the beautiful North Cornwall coast. When not writing books, he is busy penning sermons in his role as a lay preacher on the local Methodist circuit.

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