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‘Woman to woman’ discuss the experience of a mother whose daughter had cancer

‘Woman to woman’ discuss the experience of a mother whose daughter had cancer

Premier Christian Radio Interview Author Thy Cameron About Her Daughter's Cancer Journey

Maria Rodrigues, host for the Woman to Woman programme on Premier Christian Radio, recently interviewed author Thy Cameron about her book, Mum Please Help Me Die.

Thy talks about her experiences as the mother of a cancer patient, Shirley Cameron, who finds that while her body is suffering, her relationship with God deepens and her faith grows. In her interview, Thy talks about the challenges she faced seeing her daughter struggling In England, whilst she lived in South Africa, and how ultimately she held onto the word of God throughout the battle.

The full interview is here below.

About the Book

Shirley Cameron struggles with depression, feelings of rejection and a sense of unworthiness. Living in the UK, far away from her Christian family in South Africa, she finds herself in and out of relationships and struggling with her faith. If God loves her, then why do so many things close to her heart seem to get taken away? So when she is diagnosed with osteosarcoma (bone cancer), she at first concludes it is a punishment from God, that she hasn’t performed well enough.

But then God’s love begins to invade her life, through the support of her parents and a band of faithful Christian friends at her local church. Shirley is covered in prayer both at home and at healing meetings, until friends can soon sense the tangible presence of God around her whenever they visit. As her body becomes increasingly sick and the cancer steals one thing after another that she has held dear, God gradually works an emotional healing in Shirley that leads to her finally acknowledging again and again, “I’m so happy…”

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